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Whether you're single and dating or in a relationship, you can feel confident that your asthma doesn't need to affect your love life. Find out more.
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What should I wear? Will we have anything in common? What if spinach gets stuck in my teeth? When you have asthma, the most important skills we learn is how to navigate our world and advocate for ourselves. We become accustomed to not going certain places because the environment will cause symptoms.

We stick to our routines in an attempt to keep symptoms at bay. When needed, we force ourselves to have uncomfortable conversations with others to help them understand our condition and ask them to be just a little more considerate when it comes to exposing us to triggers. These conversations are even harder with a possible love interest, complicating the dating process even more.

How have you managed dating with asthma? Please share your thoughts and comments below! Good news - you're already subscribed!

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Let us know at contact Asthma. Try again or let us know at contact Asthma. Comment Created with Sketch. Asthma triggers on dates Cologne and perfume. Everyone loves to smell nice on a date, and quite often daters go a little overboard when putting on their favorite scent.

I enjoy the scents of many perfumes and colognes, unfortunately, they send me right into an asthma flare-up. Chemical sensitivities are real, yet hard to explain, especially to someone you just trying to get to know. So for starters I am the reverse of most severe asthmatics and for some reason I can't keep the weight on.

Single with Food Allergies: Advice on Dating and Relationships

I actually lose weight on prednisilone and for me it is a constant battle not to be too underweight. I get no end of grief from my boyfriend and friends, family etc etc about being too skinny, but then so is he so I just give as good as I get and don't take it personally.

I have scars form the art lines though and I bruise very badly, especially on my legs so I wear leggings under skirts a lot! I also look very tired ALL of the time, which I hate. Generally I end up looking a bit pregnant Anyway, I'll just depress myself if I focus on all the side effects of the treatments Attractiveness is a strange thing and I don't think anyone can really anticipate what qualities in someone they will find attractive.

When you meet someone you have a connection with I think you are attracted to each other naturally and so it really shouldn't matter if you are not looking the way you wish. Clearly I am happier when I am having a nice break from hospital and I look vaguely 'normal' but I think appearence is something that bothers me and not him. The only real difference is that you are more confident when you aren't covered in bruises and obvious scars and all puffed up from steroids etc.

What’s more awkward than dating? Dating with asthma.

Confidence makes a huge difference to how people perceive you- if you aren't worried about how you look, they won't be either. And if they are that shallow then why would you want to be involved with them anyway! Look at your scars as positive things- they each display the fact that you fought and won! You shouldn't be ashamed or embarrased of them. Oh, and to be clear- just because I am able to put a positive spin on being a young severe asthmatic doesn't mean that I don't have days when I cry hysterically, eat masses of comfort food currently I have a thing for magmums Then I wake up the next day and have to get up and get on with it because life goes on.

Also steroids are horrible, horrible drugs- don't underestimate how tough it can be taking them for long periods of time and be kind to yourself. Also nothing beats a good DVD boxset- they have got me through a lot.

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Cold feet and Greys Anatomy come highly recommended. I can really empathise with you on this! And don't worry it's completely normal to feel the way you do or at least I hope so as I have had many a similar 'meltdown! As I'm so used to it! But this def created tension and issues! All I can say is that there will be someone who will have the right balance of concern and understanding, you may have to just accept that some people in the mean time may 'run away' as you say! I'm still learning to accept this! I've just finished uni and have battled with the social side throughout!

Mainly because I'm too stubborn to accept that sometimes going out partying and enjoying myself isn't the best idea and many a night out has resulted in me ending up in hospital So much so it's a bit of a running joke with the resp ward and they half expect me to turn up after big nights out! You say that clubbing and puffing away on salbutamol isn't possible but there are many a photo of me on a dance floor with portable neb in hand! It is possible, just maybe not advisable!

Dating relationships in college students with childhood-onset asthma.

Argh, the moon face! And agree about the many bruises from varying lines Esp as I work in a hospital so have to be bare below the elbows. Little awkward when patients ask me if I'm ok or been beaten up because of my many bruises. Anyway I've pretty much waffled on about nothing! Oh, Sarah, I truly sympathise with you. I'm very sure, though, that there is someone out there for you and when you find him he won't be put off by meds, hosiptal stays or anything else.

There are three things you need to keep in mind.

Don't ever feel you have to take second best because of your health issues. If you find that you could live without someone then beware of commitment. Don't BE second best. You deserve to the the one person that somebody can't live without. Every teemager who ever lived has fears about whether they will ever find the right person.

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You may have had relationships that haven't worked due to your health, but that is probably because the boys you have been out with are still very young and don't have the confidence or understanding to deal with your health issues. I have exactly the same problems - I'm 17 18 in under a month and have struggled with severe asthma all my life.

I am very lucky to have a boyfriend who knows how bad my asthma is although has only seen nebuliser once though!

Communication is key!

It was very hard to find considering the fact that I'm 'overweight' for a 17 year old due to continuous steroid taking and lack of exercise. Being a teenager with asthma sucks, I've lost a lot of good friends especially in year 11 due to pneumonia and 3 months off school which really sucks. I hate knowing that all my friends can do 'what they want' like go on holidays together, and plan random days out to theme parks as for me, I have to wait for the day before and predict what I'll be like.

I can completely sympathise with you. Good luck with everything - always here if you need a chat with an equally annoyed asthmatic almost! My asthma makes me extremely tired, i also I could barely say a sentence, my breathing sounded like darth Vader and Asthma UK community forum. Reply Like 0 Follow post. Hi, I don't have severe asthma myself though I do sometimes feel that people who don't know don't understand that even moderate asthma really can stop you being able to do things sometimes and it's not 'making a fuss over nothing' - but I don't have to deal with the ITU admissions etc.

Hope this helps a bit.

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