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The Bradbury Database part of our research has been directed to the dating of Bradbury sewing machines. Although the official Company records have been.
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However all partnerships come to an end and I can only guess that the partners wanted different things and to go in different directions, so common amongst expanding businesses. The solution was a break up of Sugden, Bradbury and Firth around Whatever the real reasons for starting to make complete sewing machines rather than just parts by the uniquely named Bradbury sewing machine came into existence.


By so many Bradbury machines were being ordered that bigger premises were once more needed. By the birth of the Wellington Works Factory was taking place. A factory grew and grew eventually taking over a whole block of Oldham around the Wellington Street area. As a little point of interest today Pentagon Citroen is on part of the old works on the corner of wellington and Park Road in Oldham.

From this point we see the real birth of Bradbury Sewing Machines as an individual company and Bradbury and Co formed in becoming Limited 10 years later in The Bradbury No1 and No2 were very similar fiddle base machines. The beautiful fiddle base Bradbury No2. Look at any early models from these makers and you will see very similar Bradbury machines. The Bradbury Boot-patcher industrial. It was capable of going through thick boot and harness leather and forming a perfect stitch.

Bradbury Sewing Machine Company

Several months wages in ! The Wellington works employed hundreds of men, women and children in its Victorian heyday. In the Duke of Wellington was placed on Bradbury Sewing Machines which became the company trade mark for decades. Bradbury high-arm Sewing Machine circa one of the last Bradbury Sewing Machines along side the Bradbury Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine a copy of the Singer model Don't you love the axe head haircut!

Bradbury Sewing Machines advertising motto.

Bradbury Sewing Machines advertised themselves as Europe's oldest sewing machine manufacturer established just a year after Isaac Singer's model. The stunning Bradbury Family made to compete with the bestselling Singer model Husqvarna Sewing Machines were in business long before Bradbury but, like them, did not turn their attention to sewing machines until after What beautiful and ornate prams. They must have looked a sight in Victorian England. Bradbury sewing machines were top quality machines and won many awards.

I have slowly been constructing a list and so far I have come up with these awards. However I believe there are at least 30 medals an honours. Paris again in and I can just about hold up this cast iron monster, made around it has a full horizontal rotary hook and can sew most materials from canvas to leather. This picture was taken late summer and amazingly one of my customers is still using this machine. I can't believe that there are many things made back in the Victoria Era that are still being used on a regular basis. Not bad for yrs old no not me. Although Bradbury were one of the first sewing machine businesses in the country by 's they were being undercut by loads of competitors and the crash of was looming fast.

The Bradbury model B, Soeze. The perfect machine in The Bradbury machines became famous for their reliability and endurance and won over 30 gold medals at exhibitions all around the world plus loads of silver and bronze. Bradbury Sewing Machine, The Wellington sewing machine. A beautiful Bradbury Wellington sewing machine circa The huge Wellington Works in Oldham employed around workers at its peak.

T heir later machines were marked with the Duke of Wellington badge. His profile sits proudly on the bed of this machine as if still waiting for Napoleon at Waterloo. Bradbury Sewing Machines also sold machines to other dealers who, if they bought enough, could have their own name on the machine and market them as their own product.

This changed a bit with the Trade Description Act of the 's. Before this period there were fewer laws to protect the consumer. The last Bradbury machines were well made as sewed a treat but like this Vibrating Shuttle model they were boring to look at. The early Bradbury sewing machines were hand built and were made up of individually numbered pieces that were uniquely made and finished for each machine, they would fit no other. All Bradbury sewing machines are collected today and represent superb British engineering.

Bradbury were also pioneers in British motorcycles. Well Hello can you wax my moustache while I wait? A rare early Bradbury single seat with Sturmey Archer gears , now more common on bicycles. Firmly established by , Bradbury Sewing Machines produced sewing machines right up until its collapse in then stumbled on before finally disappearing just before the great Wall Street Crash of The Bradbury leather workers sewing machine would make anything from shoes to gloves and could sew in any direction by revolving the circular sewing head. As well as sewing machines , Bradbury produced endless other items from prams, bicycles and later even motorcycles.

In fact they were also one of the pioneers of the British motorcycle industry. Today only a plaque marks the spot in Oldham where once the air was turned black with their enormous manufacturing.

The Bradbury Rotary Shuttle sewing machine of The Bradbury rotary shuttle machine of was a superb piece of engineering and many factories ran on these type of machines. As you can see above the Bradbury Rotary Shuttle sewing machine looks amazingly modern compared to other machines of the period. Well that's it, I do hope you enjoyed my work. I spend hours accumulating, researching and writing these pages and I love to hear from people so drop me a line and let me know what you thought: Fancy a good read: A brilliant slice of 's life: Alex's stories are now available to keep.

C lick on the picture for more information. T hank you so much for your truly amazing web site. I have learnt so much about vintage and antique sewing machines from you.

A fter all this time I cannot remember what finally happened to it, but your article brought back very many happy memories of my grand mother who had immense pleasure sitting and working with th e Bradbury all those years ago. Hello, Alex, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading about the history of sewing machines on your site! Although the official Company records have been lost, we have found, by collating information about machines and changes made during production with serial numbers, we have been able to estimate production figures and therefore produce some very tentative dating tables.

We still need your help! If you have a Bradbury sewing machine or come across one please email us the serial number, model or a brief description and we will add the details to the database.

Bradbury Sewing Machine Company

The illustration left dates to and was supplied by C. Stockton, such advertisements are a wonderful source of information and old Trade Directories and Almanacs are still available here in the U. Can you help our research by supplying copies of the entries for your Town? We are especially interested in the years to To those who have provided manuals and other Bradbury documentation as well as to all who have supplied details of their machines we are most grateful.

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